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Stone Mill Gourmet 2 Go

Green Spring Station, 10751 Falls Road, Lutherville -- 410-821-1310

Hours --10 a.m-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday

The do-it-yourself craze, so popular in home repairs, has spilled over to carryout food. A prime example of this is Gourmet 2 Go, the new addition to the Stone Mill Bakery operation in Green Spring Station.

This stylish dispensary is adjacent to the Stone Mill Cafe, stretching out in a space that once housed the Brooklandville post office. It stresses speed, high-quality carryout dishes and an attitude I call do-it-yourself dining. Customers are encouraged to create their own salads and pizza, to stuff their tortillas or to grab their own desserts. Staffers do most of the work, but customers are "the deciders." Customers can sit at a handful of tables or can simply get food and scoot. That is what I did recently at lunch.

Best Bite

My very own pizza --While the topping -- my selection of olives, bacon bits and peppers -- added flair to the pie, its success stemmed from its crisp, whole-wheat crust. Made and baked on the premises, this 10-inch pie cost $7.49 and was ready in 11 minutes.

Best for Your Body

My very own salad --A savory $6.49 creation made in three steps. Step 1: I chose organically grown mesclun as my greens. Step 2: I chose my toss-ins, carrots, cucumbers and corn, at 50 cents for each type of toss-in. Step 3: After surveying the 10 possibilities, I chose a tangy lemon dressing. This salad delivered a lot of food and flavor. It took about 2 minutes for a staffer to assemble and package. It would have been faster if I had been a better decider when choosing my toss-ins.

Also tasted

Tapioca --This pearly pudding is hard to find and the $3.99, 9-ounce serving was genuine, smooth and sweet without being cloying. I grabbed a cup topped with fresh strawberries, then mixed the berries in with the creamy tapioca. It was almost a do-it-yourself dessert.

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