Running into trouble

The Baltimore Sun

Look on the bright side: The Orioles weren't no-hit yesterday. And they didn't allow 30 runs in the game, or 11 in an inning.

Now for the dark side: Two more runners were thrown out on the base paths, with Miguel Tejada being cut down at home on Ramon Hernandez's shallow fly ball to right in the fourth inning, and Kevin Millar taking a wide turn around second on Melvin Mora's RBI single in the sixth and being tagged out.

They both hurt.

Tejada really had no chance unless J.D. Drew air-mailed his throw into the third row of seats or his arm snapped off at the shoulder, which is always a possibility with Drew. And Millar apparently didn't think Mike Lowell was going to cut off the throw from left field, though that tends to happen.

The Orioles are having enough trouble with their opponents. They need to go a little easier on themselves.

So it's on to Tampa Bay, where I'll be blogging the next three nights. Technically, it's St. Petersburg, but for the sake of argument ...

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