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JUDAH NADICH, 95 Military chaplain

The Baltimore Sun

JUDAH NADICH, 95 Military chaplain

Rabbi Judah Nadich, a military chaplain who advised Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower on Jewish affairs after the discovery of Nazi concentration camps in the last months of World War II, died of a heart attack at his Manhattan home Aug. 26.

Rabbi Nadich was an early supporter of the civil rights movement and as an advocate of equality for women in Jewish religious ceremony, including their ordination as rabbis.

Born in Baltimore, Rabbi Nadich was the eldest of four children of Russian immigrants. As a Conservative rabbi he served congregations in Buffalo and Chicago before joining the Army in 1942.

He was the Army's senior Jewish chaplain in Europe in April 1945 as advancing American and British forces liberated Nazi concentration camps in Germany. General Eisenhower named Rabbi Nadich to advise how to cope with hundreds of thousands of displaced people being kept in military custody in squalid conditions little better than the camps they had survived.

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