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Two-pointer for Frese

The Baltimore Sun

OK, I know women's basketball is not my turf, but woman to woman, I couldn't let this one go.

Coach Brenda Frese is due to give birth to fraternal twins March 11.

First of all, congrats. It's wonderful news, really.

Second, what was Brenda Frese THINKING??? These baby hoopsters are due TWO WEEKS before the NCAA tournament? This ain't the NIT, honey.

Maybe I'm insane because I planned my Dec. 4, 2004, wedding around the possibility of a bowl game. Maybe I'm even more of a lunatic because I've already done the math to avoid the ridiculous scenario of being rushed out of Byrd Stadium in the third quarter against Florida State in 2011 to give birth to the first Pulitzer Prize-winning shortstop. (My husband played baseball.)

Here's an actual conversation that occurred in the Gossett Football Team House this summer:

Special teams coordinator Ray Rychleski: Hey, Dinich, when you gonna have a baby?

Me: Hey, Ray, when you gonna stop playing football?

It's unclear whether Frese will coach until her due date. The good news for Maryland? The women's program will have two new fans in time for the NCAA tourney.

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