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THE ISSUE: -- A former Howard County health inspector says the county has been too lenient with food outlets that have chronic cleanliness problems. Officials deny that but agree that more aggressive action might be needed against some chronic offenders. Do you think the county Health Department does enough to protect the public from insects, rodents and food-handling problems in supermarkets and restaurants?

There is room for improvement

To an extent, yes, I think the county Health Department is doing enough to protect the public from insects, rodents, and food-handling problems (aka sanitation concerns), but there are two areas that need improvement. 1) The citizens must have a way to report problems to them other than the telephone (computer works better for me, for example), and 2) it would be a courtesy to publish their findings (especially if they close down a place) on restaurants and supermarkets that do not pass inspection.

R. J. Teich

Ellicott City

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