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Schools need better methods

Year-round school is not the answer. Kids need a summer vacation, a break from academics.

All of us middle-aged and older persons learned plenty during the nine months we attended school. The problem is the quality of the education given during the time allotted. There is a lot of wasted time during the school year. I know, having had children attend the public schools and having worked for the school system.

The answer is to focus on skills that children need to learn all subjects with greater ease. We need to bring back phonics, and teach proper writing skills, proper research skills, and encourage creative thinking that goes hand in hand with the subjects taught.

Teachers learn the skills necessary to teach children through their training programs, but the curriculum used in schools is horrible. Also, where is it written that all students with varying degrees of ability and skills should be taught in the same classrooms? We are cheating those students who have tremendous potential from ever reaching it. And we are also cheating the students who need more time to learn material and need more detailed instruction by not making it available to them, because every teacher has to follow the same time frame for all students.

There are so many things wrong with our educational system that I literally can write a book on the topic.

Barbara McNamara Joppa

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