Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. In Alexandra Arminger's case, it also is the maker of fabulous fashion. Arminger borrowed this beautifully wild Pucci-esque dress from a friend, but needed something to wear underneath to make it appropriate for greeting clients at the Owings Mills salon where she works as a receptionist. Instead of grabbing a boring tank top, Arminger pulled on a funky fishnet top. That one act of fashion-forwardness took this dress from great to g-r-r-reat!

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Age: 22

Residence: Bel Air

Job: Receptionist

Self-described style: "A little bit of rock 'n' roll and a little bit of hippie."

The look: Psychedelic halter dress. Black fishnet top worn underneath for coverage. Black Steve Madden heels. Necklace and earrings made of sterling silver, crystal and mother-of-pearl. DKNY sunglasses.

Where it came from: Dress borrowed from a friend. Fishnet top from Macy's or JC Penney (she can't remember). Shoes bought at TJ Maxx. Jewelry, she made. Sunshades bought at Sunsation in New Jersey.

Hippie meets rocker-chick: "I like a lot of wide-leg pants. I remember I was 14 years old when I got my first pair of bell-bottoms. I'm a big fan of looking good and being comfortable. That's the hippie part. But I also love boots and I'm always wearing leather. That's where the rock 'n' roll part comes in. So it's like style and comfort. I like it when they both come together."

Cheap chic works for her family: "I come from a family of seven. With five kids there was never a lot of money for clothes, so I really had to be creative with what I wore. I had a bright orange pair of Aldo shoes that I paid $100 for. But I tell you what -- that happens once every blue moon. And I really mean the actual blue moon! I go to TJ Maxx and Ross and if I see something I like, I'll get it."

Jewelry is therapy: "I started making jewelry to keep myself busy when I went through a bad breakup, and I actually sold some of it! I like making my own jewelry because ... I really get a chance to show people what I'm made of."


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