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Scandal embarrasses GOP

At the start of the week, it was unlikely that many people outside of Idaho and Washington, D.C., had heard of Sen. Larry E. Craig. But after Monday's disclosure of a guilty plea in a men's-room sex sting, Craig became the target of jokes and a national embarrassment to a Republican Party facing an election next year. pg 1A

Warner won't run in 2008

Republican Sen. John W. Warner of Virginia, one of the most influential voices on military matters in Congress, announced he would not run for re-election, paving the way for a battle between Democrats and Republicans to claim his seat. pg 3A


Remembering Princess Diana

There were two memorial tributes to commemorate the fiery end of Princess Diana in a car crash a decade ago. One, at the Guards Chapel near Buckingham Palace, was for the royals, the prime ministers, the rock stars and film directors, and the various lords and baronesses. pg 11A

China's recall system begins

China's first nationwide recall systems for unsafe food and toys went into effect in one of the strongest steps taken by Beijing to clean up the country's scandal-scarred manufacturing industry. pg 12A


Deficit brings up old lesson

While Gov. Martin O'Malley says he'd like to solve Maryland's budget problems in a special General Assembly session this fall, he appears to have learned a lesson from his predecessor's term: Don't do it unless you've got a solid deal in place first. pg 1B

Officer had used weapon before

The Baltimore police officer who shot and killed a man during a struggle for his service weapon on a Northwest Baltimore street early Thursday had previously shot four people, including one man fatally in 1994, according to department 3B


O's trade pitcher Trachsel

The Orioles send Steve Trachsel to the Chicago Cubs for two minor leaguers, third baseman Scott Moore and right-handed reliever Rocky Cherry, who have both spent most of the season at Triple-A Iowa. pg 5d


O'Malley supports living wage

Gov. Martin O'Malley expressed support yesterday for a living wage for cleaners at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, just days before the workers plan to start a hunger strike to pressure the Maryland Stadium Authority for better pay. pg 9D

GM cuts back planned production

General Motors Corp. reduced its truck production plans for the third time in six weeks this week, and union leaders and analysts say they believe even more painful cuts are ahead because fears of a weakening U.S. economy may continue to depress demand for trucks through 2008. pg 9D


Canines lend aid and comfort

In addition to the estimated 40,000 "service" dogs assisting people with disabilities in the U.S., there are tens of thousands that help children overcome reading problems, visit the elderly and ill in nursing homes and work with people with disorders ranging from autism to Alzheimer's. pg 1C

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