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DAVID GARCIA, 63 Pioneering TV journalist

David Garcia, a pioneering Hispanic television journalist who became known as "Earthman" for his environmental reporting, died Tuesday in Palm Desert, Calif., of liver failure, his former colleagues at KABC-TV, KNBC-TV and KTTV-TV reported.

Born in Temple, Texas, Mr. Garcia attended Baylor University and after college was hired by a radio station in his hometown.

He moved on to the ABC television and radio affiliate in Dallas, to New York for the ABC radio network and then into ABC television.

Mr. Garcia was one of only a handful of Hispanics who were network television correspondents in the 1970s. He covered the White House, including the Watergate scandal and the Ford and Carter administrations.

He later was the network's bureau chief for Latin America, reporting on the Sandinista takeover in Nicaragua.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Garcia worked for Southern California television stations, including KCBS-TV, KNBC-TV and KTTV-TV, where he was a full-time environmental reporter.

He got the nickname while working for KNBC-TV when a weatherman introduced an upcoming environmental story by joking that "Earthman" was on the way.

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