Being Christopher Walken ... in a kung fu parody

The Baltimore Sun

So now it would seem, from watching Balls of Fury, that Christopher Walken has joined the legion of stand-up comics, student actors and bar-stool mimics trolling for laughs by doing bad Christopher Walken impressions. This isn't necessarily a complaint. If anyone's earned the right to pan-fry his image, it's Walken.

Even when hip-deep in the throes of broad self-parody, Walken almost justifies the existence of a fumble-footed knockoff like Balls of Fury. He plays Feng, a villainous outlaw table-tennis kingpin who dresses like Fu Manchu and talks like somebody doing a bad impression of ... well, we don't have to pound it into the floorboards, do we?

Balls of Fury (Rogue Pictures) Starring Christopher Walken, Dan Fogler, James Hong. Directed by Ben Garant. Rated PG-13. Time 90 minutes.

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