One hot promotion

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If you sat in Section 86 yesterday, beside the bullpens, you know why you bothered to get out of bed: to receive a free Sun sunscreen key chain from your favorite blogger.

Settle down.

I hung for a few innings before retreating to the press box, but only because I was working alone and had to write. It had nothing to do with the sun beating down on me and causing me to sweat ridiculous amounts. The grounds crew actually moved behind the tarp, anticipating a delay.

It was brutally hot out there. The sunscreen - or "suncreen," as we called it - was a good idea. It's the only key chain that requires a spell-checker.

It's marked SPF-15, which also is the bullpen's ERA since the break.

I'm not sure what the SPF stands for, but I'm taking suggestions. Just keep 'em clean.

Kevin Millar's streak of reaching base came to an end, thanks to Torii Hunter's leaping catch at the fence. We'll blame him.

Congrats to Erik Bedard for setting the team single-season strikeout record when he struck out Jason Bartlett, the second batter he faced. But I'm sure he'd trade the record for a win.

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