A LOT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT HOW "THE YOUNG FOLK" COME IN TO THE OFFICE THESE DAYS. They've got on flip-flops (Tsk!) and their legs are bare (Gasp!). Their bellies or tattoos show. What is to come of the world? Some etiquette advisers would rather the newest entrants into the corporate world dress the way they do: in jackets and blouses, pearls and pantyhose. But we think there's a new way to dress in the workplace -- flip-flops notwithstanding. It combines the casualness of youth with the propriety of the office, and it looks great.

Age: 22

Residence: Mount Vernon

Job: Account executive

Self-described style: "Classic, with a little bit of an edge."

The look: Black T-shirt. Cream and white seersucker shorts. Black wedge Seychelles shoes with vintage piping details. Super-cool eyeglasses with lime-green arms.

Where it came from: T-shirt from Banana Republic. Shorts from J. Crew. Shoes from Nordstrom. Eyeglasses from Federal Hill Eye Care.

Own your chic: "I like classic chic pieces, but I like to make them my own. Either through accessories or pairing things together that wouldn't necessarily be put together. So I'll get something funky from, like, Urban Outfitters, and I'll pair it with something a little bit more conservative from J. Crew."

No boring suits here: "I think its always important to bring your personal style to the mix. If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it's not going to present well, even if it's appropriate for your setting. And there are ways to make your social clothes office-appropriate."

Take these shorts for example: "The shorts are linen and the length and the style make them appropriate for the workplace. The heels spice it up a little bit. And the tee is a little bit more conservative, so it balances the whole outfit."

Funky see, funky do: "I love funky glasses. I had a pair of Kate Spades that I loved, and I didn't think I could top those. But I found these. They're from Denmark."

New shoes, old look: "I liked these shoes because they did have that vintage style; they were a very unique look. I really like that in pieces. I don't like to be cookie cutter. These were different. And I really like the Seychelles brand. I feel like they are a quality shoe."

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