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Thieves target auto GPS devices

Thieves are breaking into autos in increasing numbers and grabbing popular Global Positioning System units.

Campaign ad turns up the heat

The latest television ad for Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. blames Baltimore's rising murder rate on Mayor Sheila Dixon, his chief rival in next month's primary election.

Neglect at fire academy reported

A new report details "unacceptable practices" that led to the death of recruit Racheal Wilson in a February training exercise.

New Market wells tainted

Tests indicate 45 of 57 private wells in New Market have elevated levels of bacterial contamination, worrying Frederick County residents.

Gas tax under review

Maryland officials are seriously looking at the gasoline tax as they study ways to meet the impending budget deficit.

Open-space plan gets a nod

Two Board of Public Works members says they are satisfied with Gov. Martin O'Malley's plan for prioritizing open-space purchases.

O, what a night

The Orioles made history of the wrong kind as a series of pitchers gave up 30 runs, the most since 1897. The Orioles scored three.

Wallace shooter to be freed

Arthur Bremer, who shot and paralyzed Alabama Gov. George Wallace during a presidential campaign stop in Laurel in 1972, will be released from prison by year's end.

Grandmother is attacked

Two men are being sought in the rape of a woman, 59, in her Roland Park home. Police believe she may have been targeted.

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