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Universal Studios Home Entertainment -- $59.98

A comic-book artist who draws future calamities. A Japanese office worker who can manipulate space and time. An online stripper with superhuman strength. A cop who can hear people's thoughts. A congressional candidate who can fly. A cheerleader who's invulnerable.

3:10 TO YUMA

Sony -- $19.95

Glenn Ford and Van Heflin star in this measured, thoughtful rumination on Old West civility and honor, even in the face of lawlessness and desperation. Ford is Ben Wade, a charismatic and soft-spoken outlaw who gets caught after his gang holds up a stagecoach. Heflin is Dan Evans, the hapless rancher who agrees (for a desperately needed $200) to see that Wade gets put on the train to Yuma, where he'll face justice. Largely devoid of the usual Western histrionics, this 1957 film, thanks to the steady hand of veteran director Delmer Daves, represents one of the more sober depictions of the clash between chaos and order that has always been at the center of the movie Western. It's also a film Hollywood hasn't forgotten: Next month, a remake starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe is scheduled to open.

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