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Letter to the Editor

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Edgewood has plenty to offer

I am a resident of the Edgewood Meadows subdivision north of Route 24. I am an active duty analyst at Fort Meade and moved to Edgewood within the first year of being reassigned to Maryland from Texas.

When I was looking for homes, Harford County was recommended by fellow commuters who work at Fort Meade and in the Washington, D.C., area. However there was a whirlwind of misinformation from misguided Maryland residents as to the stigma of Edgewood.

I've grown to realize that you don't take people's word for it -- you check it out for yourself. Thank God I did, because we found a beautiful community just off Willoughby Beach Road.

My family found that Edgewood has plenty to offer and is a great community, but of course, like all places great and small, has its seedy areas. After living in Odenton for several months, I encourage Harford County residents to take a look at crime when it comes to Anne Arundel County.

The stigma of Edgewood is quickly being lifted, I can assure you from my outside experience, as I've seen in my year here. People in my neighborhood are either elderly/retired or in their late 30s/40s, family oriented, and take care of one another. And the new developments are starting to encourage people to take pride not only in their home but community.

Since my move up here, I have recommended Edgewood to fellow military members looking to escape the traffic and hectic routine of larger metropolitan areas. I have had four military families relocate to the area on my recommendation and their research, and they too have found great housing opportunity and quality of life that would not otherwise be available in the more condensed counties of central Maryland.

Since arriving here, I have met with the community policing representative of the Harford County Sheriff's Office to organize a neighborhood association so we can better communicate with each other on issues of safety and events. At 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 6, the first meeting of the Edgewood Meadows Neighborhood Association will be held in the Edgewood Library meeting room. A sheriff's deputy will provide guidelines for the program that we are starting.

I am big proponent of communities stepping up to take care of one another and uphold a quality of life that can helps root out potential for crime.

Ronald A. Chapman


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