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On Aug. 23, 1893, ground was broken for the Harford Creamery on a road two miles east of Shawsville and two miles north of Madonna now called Harford Creamery Road.

Machinery began churning at the creamery on Dec. 10, 1893. The boiler was known as "Old Bess."

With a new plant to process milk up and running, farmers began to keep more cows. The plant at one time had 100 contributors and handled as much as 20,000 pounds of milk a day.

The milk was separated from the cream and some of the cream was made into butter. The remaining cream and the butter was taken by train to Baltimore.

The Harford Creamery was one of three creameries active in the area at the time and no doubt contributed much to the beginning of the extensive dairy industry in this part of the country.

[Source: Jarrettsville: Past and Present, compiled by the Jarrettsville Bicentennial Committee. Research: Harford County Public Library]

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