Be wary of solicitors, Sykesville police urge

The Baltimore Sun

Sykesville police are warning residents about door-to-door solicitors, primarily magazine salesmen working for a Texas company, who have been the subject of several complaints and who are working in the area without proper permits.

Cpl. Dave Lewis said at least one incident of unwanted touching of a woman by a male solicitor has been reported.

"It has been our experience that all of the sales persons are from out of state and almost all have criminal records," Lewis said in a news release. "They are told to dress 'clean cut' and instructed in aggressive sales techniques. Most of them are described as personable and charming."

It is against the law to solicit in Sykesville without a permit.

Police offer these tips for dealing with door-to-door solicitors:

As soon as the pitch is started, give a firm, "Not interested" and shut the door.

Never allow these people into your house.

If you feel you must conduct business with the person, do it through a chained door or a screened door.

Pass this information on to children who are home alone.

Report any solicitors to the Sykesville police at 410-795-0757. Try to give a description and a direction of travel.

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