Getting a feel for team

The Baltimore Sun

Two-a-days have ended and yesterday was the final scrimmage for Maryland players to audition for any remaining starting spots.

It seemed like a good time to ask coach Ralph Friedgen if he has a sense of where his team is.

"I don't," he said. "I really don't. I'm a little concerned where we are. There's moments in every practice when I think we're pretty good. Then there's other moments when I don't think we're very good. ... I'm really encouraging our leadership to come forward and kind of push us through this.

"I think this year's team, we're further ahead as far as game operations and game procedures. ... We haven't had a lot of penalties. We haven't had a lot of substitution problems or clock problems or anything that usually goes with a normal first game. My concern is, are we scrimmage-ready? Are we ready to scrimmage for 60 minutes? And you don't know that until the first game."

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