Black-and-white is the color combo of summer 2007. Everywhere you looked this season, designers paired the opposing colors in interesting ways. Stripes and polka dots. Black on top, white on the bottom, or vice-versa. Swirls. Houndstooth. While just about any matchup looks good, one of the best ways to mix the two is to keep it clean and simple. Heather Steall married them neatly with a plain white T-shirt and full black-and-white skirt. Then she threw in a little orange around her ankle, for a funky color pop.

Age: 38

Residence: Midtown / Mount Vernon

Job: Financial aid adviser

Self-described style: "Trendy / classic. I like to combine things of the moment with things that are more traditional."

The look: White T-shirt. Black skirt with white embroidered detail. Black platform shoes. Louis Vuitton handbag. Coach sunglasses. Orange cancer-awareness bracelet worn around her ankle.

Where it came from: Skirt and tee from Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes from Nine West. Bag from Louis Vuitton boutique in Chevy Chase. Sunglasses from Neiman Marcus.

If the store fits: "I [like to] shop at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic, and sometimes Bloomingdale's. Especially at Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic, I love the fact that their clothing, without even having to try it on, I know that they fit. I can pretty much order online and know it's going to fit."

Online is all-right: "I wear small sizes. I like the fact that they sell size 00 petite [online]. You can get the 00 petites online; you can't get them in the stores. That's one of the reasons. And sometimes I order two different sizes of things and if something doesn't fit, I just return it."

Online equals convenience store: "I'm busy and I like the convenience of being able to do it on my own time and in my own house. For me, it's quick and easy."

Why the ankle bracelet?: "This is a bladder cancer awareness bracelet. I wear it like this because it's too big for my wrist. So I just wear it around my ankle."

Don't ask your BF about style: "You know what's funny about this skirt? A few weeks ago, I had it on and he said, 'I hate this skirt. It looks very matronly on you.' After he said that, I swore I was never going to wear it again. And now, see? I'm glad I wore it."

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