German kidnapped in Kabul


Armed assailants kidnapped a German aid worker at a restaurant in Afghanistan's capital city in a bold midday attack, as the Taliban said negotiations for the release of 19 remaining South Korean hostages have failed. pg 18a

Looting continues in Peru


Authorities bolstered troops and police in the earthquake-shattered zone south of Lima yesterday after a wave of looting targeted shops, relief vehicles and aid storage sites. The 8.0-magnitude quake struck Wednesday, killing about 500 people and injuring 1,500. pg 20a


Reagan aide Deaver dies

Michael K. Deaver, a deputy chief of staff whose keen sense of visual imagery helped choreograph the Reagan presidency, died yesterday morning at his home in Bethesda. He was 69. pg 3a

Shuttle mission cut short

NASA ordered space shuttle Endeavour back to Earth a day early yesterday out of fear that Hurricane Dean might disrupt flight operations. The shuttle is now scheduled to depart from the International Space Station today, and landing is set for Tuesday. pg 6a


Shore fire kills three


An early-morning house fire killed three young adults or teens in Easton yesterday. Investigators have not identified the victims or the cause of the fire. pg 1b

O'Malley looks for transit funds

Without offering details, Gov. Martin O'Malley indicated that he will propose new taxes to fund transportation projects, possibly signaling a rise in gas taxes. pg 1b


Dollar's slide helps U.S. goods

The precipitous fall of the dollar - down a third of its value against the euro since 2003 - may be giving Americans a blow to their collective ego at home and sticker shock abroad, but it's also turning U.S. goods into bargains on world markets. pg 1c


Reasons to be cheerful

It's easy to forget, when the Dow is plummeting and the headlines are gloomy, that U.S. stocks have outperformed just about every other investment over long periods, writes Jay Hancock. pg 1c


Jamal Lewis on a mission

Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis, now with the Cleveland Browns, is out to prove that he's still a force. pg 1d



Part indie, part industrial

Manchester, England's famously gloomy, working-class city, was transformed in the late '80s into danceable soundtracks by the Stone Roses, the Smiths, New Order and the Buzzcocks. It's a town, one resident says, "defined by work and hooked on pleasure." pg 1r