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Get on board with commuter bus

I found much merit to Michael Dresser's "Getting There" essay printed Aug. 13, 2007. I believe the time is ripe for Carroll County to pursue commuter bus options. Separate routes connecting Westminster, Hampstead and Eldersburg to the Owings Mills Metro make sense to me.

Rather than large luxury buses that Dresser envisions, we might do well with mini-buses. These would use less fuel and require fewer riders to be cost effective.

I was intrigued with Dresser's suggestion that the same buses after their Owings Mills stop continue on to Woodlawn and BWI.

Clearly there are a fair number of Carroll commuters to these employment centers. Perhaps the Maryland Transit Authority could develop a survey that would help determine the potential for such a route as well as the previously discussed Owings Mills Metro routes.

At a minimum, we need to begin a good conversation on what kind of commuter solutions can help unclog some of our major arteries. A bus line from Mount Airy to the Shady Grove Metro Center in Gaithersburg should also be explored.

I'm all for road improvements, but major projects such as the Hampstead by-pass arrive here with less frequency than I would desire.

Michael D. Zimmer Carroll County Commissioner

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