Spencer Christan

The Baltimore Sun

Spencer Christian, former WBAL-TV weatherman and host of Spencer's World, a half-hour talk show, spent only two years in Baltimore in the 1970s.

He then moved to WABC-TV in New York City in 1977, where he was a weatherman and sportscaster.

He hit the big time in 1986 when he became a co-host of Good Morning America with Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden, a gig he held for 13 years.

Since moving to San Francisco in 1999, he's been the weather forecaster for ABC7 News at 6 p.m. and co-host of The View from the Bay, a live entertainment program that airs daily.

"I get back to Baltimore at least once a year. Baltimore embraced me as if I were a native. And once they embrace you, the never forget you," Christian said. "I've been gone for 30 years, and when I'm there visiting, people still run up and talk to me as if I had never left and were still working there. That's the flavor of Baltimore. It's a close-knit community."

He misses Little Italy - "My favorite place to eat," he said - and the WBAL-TV basketball and baseball teams that he established.

"But San Francisco was the change of pace that I needed from the frantic pace of New York. Besides, the weather is milder, and you never have to shovel snow," he said, laughing.

Christian, a noted wine collector, is also grateful that he's close to California's wine country.

One little-known fact about Christian is that he tried out for the Orioles in 1968 during his junior year in college.

"I just turned 60 three weeks ago. I can't believe it. I feel the same level of excitement about life and my job as I did 30 years ago," he said.

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