Review B

The Baltimore Sun

Jonah Hill, the chubby, urgently ebullient actor at the center of the high school comedy Superbad, has the ability to blurt out scripted profanities as if they were erupting from his own barely exposed id. Gangly Michael Cera, uncoordinated and croak-voiced, talks as if his larynx is aligned to a warped tuning fork, and walks as if his limbs are guided by a malfunctioning GPS system.

Currently also appearing as an older (if no more mature) character in Knocked Up, the 23-year old Hill is sensational here as high school senior Seth, a sex-obsessed, unpredictable catalyst for good/bad news, mostly about growing up or not. Cera, 19 and an anchor of three seasons of Arrested Development, is just as good as Evan, Seth's gentle, intelligent and sometimes-craven Dartmouth-bound best pal.

Superbad (Columbia Pictures) Starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera. Directed by Greg Mottola. Rated R. Time 114 minutes.

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