Q&A; -- Joe Martin

Rookie linebacker Joe Martin signed with the Ravens as an undrafted free agent in May. A former walk-on at San Diego State, Martin registered a tackle and a forced fumble in Monday night's 29-3 preseason victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

How did it feel to knock the football out of wide receiver Jermaine Jamison's hands in the fourth quarter?


It felt great. It was my first defensive play in the NFL. I was excited. You start to breathe and then you get that cool air in your lungs and it gets kind of hard to breathe when you haven't done much. It was amazing. I just tackled him from behind and the ball came out and we were off the field. It was nice.

You walked on at San Diego State. Does that situation remind you of what you're attempting to do now as an undrafted rookie?


It's the same attitude I went with at San Diego State. You put your head down, you work 100 percent every day, you get your job done, and the rest will take care of itself. Just as it did at San Diego State.

As a native Californian, what's it like to live in Maryland?

I never felt humidity like I have out here in Maryland. Not only am I a native Californian, but I'm also a native Southern Californian. It's always 75 [degrees] and nice. Out here, it's a little bit different. I mean, our first scrimmage, it was something like 120 on the field with that humidity. I didn't expect that.

What's the funniest movie you've seen?

Blazing Saddles - far and away the funniest movie I've ever seen. It's an old-time Mel Brooks film with old-time humor. My Dad made me watch it one day, and I didn't really want to watch it. But after it was done, I thought it was really funny.