Too much radio static?

The Baltimore Sun

The Ravens have to be a little nervous about the number of players doing radio shows this season. There also seems to be heated competition between the Ravens' flagship station, WBAL, and the former flagship, WJFK.

WBAL is supposed to have wide receiver Derrick Mason on Monday nights and coach Brian Billick on Tuesdays. WJFK is supposed to counter with Ray Lewis on Mondays, Bart Scott on Tuesdays, Jonathan Ogden on Wednesdays and Willis McGahee on Thursdays. It has to irk WBAL because the station spent a lot of money for the rights to the Ravens.

But since everybody has a show, WBAL might consider countering with equipment manager Ed Carroll on Wednesdays, trainer Bill Tessendorf on Thursdays and mascots Edgar, Allan and Poe on Fridays.

If the Ravens win consistently, then all of these radio shows won't be a big deal. But if they start losing, there is potential for trouble.

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