Getting the appetite for school, football

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I can't wait until school starts at Maryland.

Why? Because the only thing open in the student union - where I spend a majority of my time these days - is McDonald's.

So I was cranky and hungry when we walked into Ralph Friedgen's office Tuesday afternoon, and he was a little feisty himself. This is probably why:

"The defense played very well. They kicked the offense's [butt]," he said. "Outhustled them, out-toughed them. Just kicked them all over the field."

I asked him if he has added a second player to his 105-man practice roster.

"Not yet I haven't," he said. "Want to come out? I need people to tackle. I'll paint a nice bull's-eye on you."

It seems the players are starting to hit the wall and lose focus. Yesterday morning, Friedgen started practice over because he didn't like the way they did their warm-ups.

As for the quarterbacks, Friedgen said he's close to making a decision on naming the starter and that Jordan Steffy still has the lead.

"The other guys are having trouble with the speed of the game," Friedgen said, "getting the play run on time, getting the right call. That concerns me."

Friedgen is going to have a mock scrimmage today to give them another opportunity to see how they operate without coaches on the field. He wants to see how they act in a game environment.

So, here I am in the union again, waiting for practice to end. What I saw yesterday morning? It's the third straight day that running backs Da'Rel Scott and Morgan Green are missing, and wide receiver Lansford Watson was on crutches Tuesday.

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