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A photo caption on Page 1A Sunday erroneously said that John Holston Jr., chairman of the Hebron Planning Commission, favors the proposed Waller Landing development. He has taken no public position on the development.

An item in Business Digest on Aug. 7 contained incorrect information about the appointment process for members of the state Health Services Cost Review Commission. Commission members are appointed by the governor; the appointments do not require legislative confirmation.


An article in the Maryland section yesterday failed to make it clear that Linda Chavez, who withdrew as labor secretary nominee in 2001 after reports that she had helped an illegal immigrant, was not accused of employing an illegal worker.

An article in Sunday's Travel section gave the impression that Chiodo's Tavern in Pittsburgh was open for business. The bar closed in 2005.

An item published in Thursday's Maryland section about a Baltimore District Court judge ordering Maryland Transportation Authority Police to return money seized from three male strippers they had arrested might have left the impression that all the money confiscated by officers had to be returned. In fact, the judge ordered $2,109 returned to the men and allowed the state to keep $7,891, according to court records.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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