Q&A; -- Bobby Blackshire

The Baltimore Sun

Cornerback Bobby Blackshire compiled 265 career tackles, eight interceptions and 39 starts at Tulsa. Blackshire is one of three rookie defensive backs competing for a spot in the Ravens' crowded secondary.

How would you assess your development here?

I think I'm doing well. When I first came out here, I was a little rusty and a little nervous. But as camp went on, I've progressed.

What's the biggest challenge in your first training camp?

It's knowing the playbook and knowing where to go. Physically, it's changed just a little bit because it is a little faster and there are some big guys out here. I just need to get into the playbook and know what I'm doing.

I read that The Grudge was the scariest movie you've seen. Is this true?

That movie is scary. I've only watched it one time, but that was it. That was the first movie I saw with my girlfriend.

What was your first job?

I was 14 or 15, and my mom was the manager of a McDonald's, and she gave me my first job. I wanted a PlayStation, but she didn't want to buy it for me. So I had to make my own money to go get it. I was the cook every once in a while, but mostly, I did the drive-through and fries

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