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It's obvious. Our readers like new Atlanta Braves first baseman and Severna Park native Mark Teixeira. We asked last week who would be the biggest trade-deadline acquisition for his new team. Teixeira blew out the field. The results:

Teixeira, 75.5 percent (1,169 votes)

Boston Red Sox's Eric Gagne, 14.2 percent (220 votes)

New York Mets' Luis Castillo, 4.1 percent (64 votes)

Philadelphia Phillies' Tadahito Iguchi, 3.1 percent (48 votes)

Cleveland Indians' Kenny Lofton, 1.7 percent (26 votes)

Atlanta's Octavio Dotel, 1.4 percent (21 votes)



Which inexperienced player would you like to see get an extended look with the Orioles during the next seven weeks?

Luis Hernandez

James Hoey

J.R. House

Jon Knott

Radhames Liz

Garrett Olson

Nolan Reimold Vote online at

Hack of

the week

Last week's question: Would you have traded Erik Bedard for Mark Teixeira?

No. Great starting pitching is baseball's biggest advantage, and Bedard is the league's most dominant young left-hander, a perfect building block.

[Matt O'Connell, Baltimore]

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This week's question: Which retired Oriole would you like to see take a more active role in the organization? Why?

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