A scout's take -- Jesse Litsch, Toronto Blue Jays' 22-year-old right-hander

The Baltimore Sun

Pitches -- His stuff is below average. He throws 86, 87 [mph]. He can hit 91, but he doesn't pitch there, more like 84 to 88. He has a good changeup and a curveball he'll throw at any time. He throws a lot of cutters, and the ball can break either way.

Attitude -- He's got great [guts]. He doesn't know that [Alex Rodriguez] is out there or [Derek] Jeter. He doesn't care. He's been successful because he gets ahead of hitters and usually pitches down in the strike zone.

Overall -- He's one of those borderline fifth starters. Good clubs can wait him out and do well if they are patient. But he can eat up aggressive teams. I'm not sure he's a guy that takes you to the promised land. You need a good bullpen behind him. But he'll give you five good innings. I like the guy.

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