The Baltimore Sun

As reported Aug. 10, 1932, in The Sun:

Howard county leaders are confident no outside aid will be needed in handling the unemployment relief situation there this winter, the committee appointed recently by Governor Ritchie to survey county relief needs announced yesterday after a conference at Ellicott City.

Walter N. Kirkman, State Purchasing Agent, spoke for the committee of which he is a member.

"We had a very satisfactory conference this morning with the Howard County Commissioners," he said. "We learned there is very little distress at present and that what there is occurs in the mill towns such as Savage and Alberton. ...

"Conditions in the rural sections of the county are pretty good. That is everybody apparently has shelter and enough to eat. What conditions will be this winter, of course, we don't know. The county leaders are confident that private resources, supplemented by county funds, will be equal to relief needs. How much the county treasury will be able to provide was not mentioned."

[Paul McCardell, Sun researcher]

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