New prix fixe menu adds to Brasserie Tatin's appeal

The Baltimore Sun

When Brasserie Tatin opened in November 2005, you couldn't get in the front door. The crowds illustrated Baltimore's insatiable appetite for French bistro food and the Newest, Hottest Thing. But now people have moved on to the Next Newest, Hottest Thing, which might be Salt or one of the places that have opened up around the harbor. And it's summer, a dead time for restaurants anyway.

All of which is to say that we had a lovely, quiet meal at Brasserie Tatin recently. The cheery aqua and persimmon decor with its retro touches, which hits just the right note of playfulness, is the same; but that's about all. The service was infinitely better compared to when we were there 18 months ago. But, of course, that might not be true when the place gets busy again. It was only a quarter full.


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