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Restraining devices urged

I urge Judge Joseph Manck to require Brandon Morris to wear all available restraining devices to, during and from his hearings at the Howard County Courthouse in Ellicott City in November. His attorney is concerned restraining devices would prejudice the jury.

Morris is being tried in Howard County on charges of killing a corrections officer in an escape attempt in Washington County.

He tried to escape again at a jury selection hearing at the Ellicott City courthouse in May, when four people were injured in the attempt.

Innocent bystanders should be protected at all costs.

Cathi Higgins

Ellicott City

Article does not serve readers well

"Howard County Executive Provides Excellent Civics Lesson." I believe this title better describes Mr. Ulman's public forum on July 25 and reported in The Sun July 27 with the headline "Forum bigger, angrier than expected."

I attended this meeting as a community member and am extremely impressed with the strong commitment of the county executive and county administration to communicate directly and publicly with Howard County citizens.

Reading Larry Carson's report was dismaying because of the negativity described in this article.

Mr. Ulman was respectful of every speaker, and Mr. Carson must not have been listening to the majority of speakers who credited the county executive for providing this public forum.

To bias news in this manner does not serve your readership. It also does not grow interest in our local government and community.

This was the writer's opportunity to celebrate an excellent civics lesson for all as everyone who wished to speak was respectfully heard and properly advised.

Kathy Harris


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