Here's something you don't see everyday: a woman who is not afraid to combine her black-and-cream sundress with accessories in a color that doesn't match anything -- but themselves. Too many of us would have taken this dress and worn it with black shoes and neutral jewelry. True, if the shoes were gorgeous, no style-seeker would have complained. But pairing cream and black with a cool blue, as Holly Barzyk did at Pazo restaurant, makes people notice. Such color courage is the mark of a true fashionista.

Age: 20-something


Residence: Roland Park

Job: Assistant Sommelier


Self-described style: "I like funkier things, anything interesting."

The Look: Chanel dress, with scattered logo detail. Blue stone-and-wire necklace. Cream and turquoise wedge-heeled shoes.

Where it came from: Dress purchased in Tokyo for 6,000 yen (about $52). Necklace came from a local artist selling at the Flower Mart. Shoes purchased at a boutique in Tokyo.

Why fashion is important: "When you're wearing something you know looks nice and looks good on you, it makes you more confident. You feel like you can accomplish things. You're able to talk to people better. It's a great feeling; it's like taking a shower!"

Buy me, buy my wine: "In my line of work, I sell wine for a living, and they have to look at me like I know what I'm doing. If I was wearing some sort of ratty shirt, they wouldn't."

What fashion is: "People think to be fashionable means, 'Oh, let's have the most expensive clothes.' It's more about knowing what looks good on your body, what colors look good on you."

Different is better: "I like bold color, anything that's a little bit different."

So where do you shop?: "[In Baltimore] I like Form, it's off of 36th Street. I also like Double Dutch; that's also in Hampden. I take trips to New York. I also shop online. There's something really nice about getting something in the mail ... after a hard day. You go in and you try it on. It's a nice way to end the evening."