'Pacman' debut flops

The Baltimore Sun

Before I get into my thoughts on this week's TNA Impact, I just want to reiterate something that I wrote previously: I want to like TNA. But it keeps getting harder.

I think TNA blew a golden opportunity. With all of the publicity for signing Adam "Pacman" Jones, TNA likely had a lot of first-time viewers tuning in for the suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback's appearance. Well, I'm betting most of those first-time viewers aren't going to become second-time viewers, because TNA delivered a stinker of an episode. To make matters worse, it was the go-home show before the Hard Justice pay-per-view tomorrow.

Even the wrestling action - which is supposedly what makes TNA superior to WWE - was below the standard of most Impact episodes. There wasn't much to Pacman's debut. It would have been much more entertaining if TNA had aired a tape of his appearance on ESPN2's First Take. Now that was pure comedic gold.


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