O, By the Way

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Granted, there's a whole exhibition season and seven weeks of the regular season to get through before the Ravens head to Pittsburgh for their first meeting of the season and the resumption of one of the NFL's best rivalries. But frankly, we thought you would need the whole three months to let the laughter subside once you heard the name our Steel City neighbors selected for their new mascot - after a contest, no less.

Try Steely McBeam. We're not kidding. Steely McBeam. That name actually won a contest and got a grandmother a VIP package of a throwback helmet and jersey, and tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers' Sept. 16 opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Truthfully, we think the mascot, a guy wearing a gold shirt, black bib overalls and a hard hat with a big jaw who is supposed to call to mind Pittsburgh's history as a steel-making town, should more resemble the way quarterback Ben Roethlisberger looked last Nov. 26 after Ravens linebacker Bart Scott flattened him. The name, of course, would be "Prone McFlattened."

Or, if they wanted a guy with a lantern-like jaw to be a mascot, they could have saved the cost of a suit and just put Bill Cowher in overalls. It's not like he's doing anything right now.


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