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The Gripe

The Baltimore Sun

Ever get the feeling the gold at Fort Knox isn't as well-protected as some of the DVDs one purchases at the local Best Buy?

We're not talking about all the anti- pirating devices, either. Rather, we refer to the 3,251 pieces of clear, frequently impossible-to-remove adhesive tape that serve to hermetically seal the DVD case.

OK, we know there are only three pieces in most cases, but really, is all that protection necessary? Take home your new copy of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, and it's bad enough you have to find a handy knife somewhere to remove the cellophane packaging. But do that, and you've still got all that tape to remove.

Making things even more irritating is the presence of a little "pull" message on the end of the tape, which implies that there's a tab or something there to make tape removal easier. Ha!

All that tape ever does is make you curse the day you cut your fingernails, leaving dull little nubbins at the end of your fingers - utterly useless when it comes to prying tape off places it has no business being in the first place.

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