'No End' offers fresh look at the war in Iraq

The Baltimore Sun

If any movie can rid Americans of "Iraq war fatigue," it's Charles Ferguson's muscular documentary No End in Sight. It provokes potent new feelings of outrage and catalyzes fresh thoughts about the right way to run a government, especially ours. Ferguson provides an evenhanded analysis of the war's mismanagement, but his work is not merely dispassionate. It offers the dark thrill of catching tragic history between flying bullets and cannonades of disinformation.

Ferguson toured Iraq with his own security detail, picked the brains of other first-rate reporters and academics (including The New Yorker's George Packer) and interviewed an array of President Bush appointees who tried and failed to shape Iraq policy, such as Richard Armitage, ex-Deputy Secretary of State, and Robert Hutchings, chairman of the National Intelligence Council (2003-2005).

No End In Sight (Magnolia) A documentary by Charles Ferguson. Not rated. Time 102 minutes.

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