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Rating -- PG-13

What it's about -- A star falls and a man promises it to his fickle girlfriend, only to discover the star is, herself, pretty cute.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- A quick-witted fantasy for those in the process of outgrowing Harry Potter.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Your fantasy love may keep you from seeing the real thing, right under your nose. And even in alternate universes, safe sex is a must.

Violence -- More than you'd like, as assorted princes are killed off.

Language -- Very clean.

Sex -- An unplanned pregnancy.

Drugs -- Potions and ale.

Parents' advisory -- Skews a bit older than the Potter books, but this whimsical fantasy has "a movie for the whole family" written all over it, despite its rating.


Rating -- PG

What it's about -- A beagle is genetically altered into a superhero, foiling the mad scientist and his henchman.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- A talking dog who does amazing feats of stretch and speed.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- None to speak of.

Violence -- Slapstick.

Language -- Disney clean.

Sex -- Innocent flirtation, even among the dogs.

Drugs -- Formulas, injected.

Parents' advisory -- Harmless enough, but bears little resemblance to the original cartoon and spends too much time worried about a dog's waste disposal system.

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