3 ordered to pay the police $22,500 in staged shooting

The Baltimore Sun

Morgan State students who staged a shooting in an effort to dodge military service agreed yesterday to guilty pleas that will have them paying $22,500 to the Baltimore Police Department.

David Briggs, Phillip Anderson and Xavier Marshall each pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment, giving a false statement to officers and wearing, carrying or transporting a handgun.

Each was sentenced to five years, with all but time served suspended. Each will serve three years' probation, and each will pay $7,500 to the Police Department under the plea deal.

The students' legal saga began May 17, when they told police that Briggs and Anderson were shot in the legs during a robbery at a Northeast Baltimore gas station. That story unraveled when security-camera footage showed they were not there.

Next, they told police that Marshall had shot Anderson and Briggs to avoid a fraternity initiation. But then Anderson called Omega Psi Phi to apologize for besmirching the fraternity's name.

Finally, they told police that they had devised the shooting as a way to help Briggs, a member of the Maryland National Guard, avoid being deployed to Iraq.

Assistant State's Attorney Douglas Ludwig said none of the three had a criminal record. Briggs and Marshall said they are juniors and Anderson said he is a senior at Morgan. A spokesman for the university said yesterday that Briggs has never enrolled.

If they pay their restitution and stay out of trouble for the next 18 months, the three can ask the judge to resentence them to probation before judgment - meaning they could eventually clear their criminal records.


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