Q&A; -- Justin Green

The Baltimore Sun

Justin Green is competing with rookie Le'Ron McClain to be the starting fullback. Green, a fifth-round pick in 2005 who has started seven games the past two seasons, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee Nov. 30.

How long has the road back been for you?

Anytime you touch on anything that's career-ending, it's always the mental part that you have to get back first. I think I've been doing that pretty well, and that's really all it is now because the strength is pretty much there. I just got to think that I can be out there.

Was it disappointing to watch Ovie Mughelli blossom as a fullback while you were sidelined by your knee injury?

It's encouraging. Even before I went down, Ovie was starting to do good things out there. ... The opportunity will always be there. It's just [a question of] "Will I be able to take advantage of the opportunity?"

What was the worst exercise you had to complete during your rehabilitation?

Single-leg squats. Still can't stand them. It's painful, and if you didn't have the injury, you probably wouldn't do it. That definitely, by far, was not my favorite exercise.

You got married during the offseason. How does it feel to be a newlywed?

It's exciting. I'm with a wonderful woman in my wife. She's a great woman to be with. I'm real excited to be her husband.

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