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Two officers wounded

Two Baltimore police officers were shot while responding to reports of gambling on an East Baltimore street. A suspect was arrested within hours.

Court backs charter school funds

The state's highest court ruled that Baltimore school system must spend as much per pupil on charter school students as it spends on regular school students.

Kent Island deal approved

The state Board of Public Works approved a $7 million plan to buy a 74-acre piece of land on Kent Island promoted for its recreational and historical value.

City asks for BRAC help

Baltimore officials urged the state to expand commuter rail and highway spending in anticipation of the people arriving because of base realignment.

Murder charges shifted

Prosecutors in Ocean City dropped murder charges against Christy L. Freeman, 37, in the death last month of a pre-term baby but charged her with killing a full-term infant she gave birth to several years earlier.

PSC looks at Verizon

The Maryland Public Service Commission opened an investigation into hundreds of complaints from Verizon customers.

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