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The Baltimore Sun

Attempts by the Annapolis City Council to annex the Parole area failed, The Sun reported Aug. 9, 1967.

The council tried to persuade Parole residents at a public hearing about the benefits of annexation, but its efforts were to no avail. Residents were still opposed to having the town adopted by the city.

At the time, the 330-acre town was considered to be "commercially lucrative." The city tried to entice residents with water and sewer services a few months before the hearing.

The council's plans were thwarted by the county. It stepped in and offered the same services to residents, making the city's offer less attractive.

Parole, known as Camp Parole at the time, was built outside of Annapolis during the late 1860s to deal with the overflow of paroled Union prisoners at the U.S. Naval Academy and St. John's College, according to the state archives.

[Source: Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher]

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