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Singer / songwriter Peggy Davison, 62, is the lead singer of the 1960s girl band, The Angels, whose best-known hit was "My Boyfriend's Back." She lives in the Westminster area with her husband.

'Fess up: Do you ever get sick of that song?

I used to. There was a time in the late '70s and '80s when I was really into fusion; funky rock. ... Now, it doesn't bother me because I appreciate the fact that not everybody had hit records. If I want to do something separate, I can. Now, I have more leeway because [The Angels] don't stay on the road the way we used to.

What kind of music do you like now?

I love standards. ... I love light jazz. I still love funky stuff. Blues.

When you're relaxing, do you listen to music?

Not usually. As much as I love it. ... It's not so much that it's work, but my mind is always going ding-ding-ding.

What do you do to chill?

I love to read. Even when I'm in my car, I listen to books. The kind of music I like to listen to in my car is Latin, because I never sang Latin music. It's peppy and it makes me drive faster. ... I belong to the Carroll County Historical Society. I belong to the Carroll County Arts Council. I took two busloads of people up to New York City to see [the musical] Jersey Boys. The Angels, my group, is portrayed in the show.

What was it like seeing yourself portrayed on stage?

Well. They were young and very skinny.

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