No good at keeping her schedule

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Will she go, go, go to Baltimore?

The hard-partying Grammy Award-winning Amy Winehouse is scheduled to appear today at the Virgin Festival at Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course. Winehouse -- who wrote the contagious "Rehab" -- is penciled in for 2:10 p.m. on the North Stage.

"Amy is looking forward to performing in Baltimore," says her publicist, Tracey Miller.

Still, fans might be wondering if Winehouse will perform, given recent concert cancellations.

In March, the British pop diva canceled two shows in London "owing to unforeseeable circumstances," her Web site said. Winehouse was reportedly seen the day of the concert buying wine in a London supermarket.

Later in March, Winehouse canceled a Los Angeles concert to give herself time to recover from the recent breakup with her boyfriend. Last month, the spindly, eye-liner-laden Winehouse canceled four more concerts after her doctor ordered her to rest.

"As you can imagine, her postponements a few weeks back due to some overscheduling received far more attention then the hundreds of amazing shows she has performed this year," says Miller.

Winehouse is a pop pup at 23 but already has a widely acclaimed album, Back to Black, which includes "Rehab," "You Know I'm No Good" and the title track. With her jazzy vocals and sloshy public behavior, she has been likened to Billie Holiday and Courtney Love. Her drinking and scary weight loss have been duly noted by fans.

In concert, Winehouse has reportedly slurred or forgotten lyrics, once spit at fans and has accepted from the crowd her signature drink: a vodka and Southern Comfort drink called "Rickstasy."

If that makes her sound like a mess, she also has been called soulful, intense and talented. And barring any unforeseeable circumstances, she'll be at Virgin Fest today.

"Every artist is expected to appear," says festival spokeswoman Corrine Nosal.

As of yesterday, there had been no cancellations.

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