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Q&A; -- Willis McGahee

The Baltimore Sun

Running back Willis McGahee's ability to revive the Ravens running game will be one of the bigger stories of this summer's training camp. After spending the first four years of his career with the Buffalo Bills, McGahee opened his first day of training camp by fumbling after a tackle by rookie linebacker Prescott Burgess.

Were there any surprises from the first two days of camp?

No surprises. Just trying to get the little jitters out of me, that's all. [It's a] new team. I have to get used to new blocking schemes and all that. So the only thing is the little bit of jitters I've got.

Were you annoyed by Burgess' hit during Monday's practice?

No, it didn't annoy me. It taught me a lesson, that's all. Just have to be better prepared. He's just doing his job, so you can't fault him for that.

How does training camp in Buffalo compare with training camp here?

It's a smarter training camp. [Coach Brian Billick] focuses on making sure we learn. Everyone can go out there and hit, but he wants to make sure we learn and get all the little things down.

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