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>>>Pitango Gelato

802 S. Broadway, Baltimore -- 410-702-5828

Hours --noon-11 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays; 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Fridays-Saturdays; 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sundays

When it comes to quality, Pitango Gelato, a new high-end ice cream shop in Fells Point, may be a few scoops ahead of the curve.

All of the store's products are made with grass-fed organic milk and other fresh ingredients. Your tongue will definitely notice the difference. So will your wallet.

We tried two regular-sized sorbets and two gelatos, which were made in four minutes. Here are the results.

Price --A regular-sized gelato or sorbet, which comes in a roughly 6-ounce container, costs $4.73. That's nearly 80 cents an ounce, and we're not sure if the extra flavor makes up for the small portion size and high price tag.

Decor --Outside, a sign with key lime-colored letters juts out from the pale sea-green facade. Inside, the gelato and sorbet flavors are printed, framed and hung on one of the light vanilla walls. The presentation is simple, plain and sharp.


Mojito sorbet

Made with tropical lime and crushed mint, this sorbet really impressed us. You can find rum-infused mojito drinks at a number of bars around town, but we wish more of them had the same crisp, refreshing citrus accent as this small cup of sorbet. It was a perfect chilled summer snack.


Strawberry sorbet

Highlight --Tiny seeds dotted the thick and smooth sorbet, which was not too sweet, thank goodness.

Low point --It lacked the same level of flavor we found in the mojito sorbet.

Gianduja (hazelnut chocolate)

Highlight --The flavors in this smooth, rich gelato come in two waves: chocolate first, followed by a lingering hazelnut.

Low point --The hazelnut overpowers the chocolate instead of complementing it.

Sicilian Almonds and Stracciatella (vanilla chocolate chip)

Highlight --These creamy gelatos played off each other really well.

Low point --The combo was heavier than the other flavors and melted more quickly.

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