SHE MAY LOOK AND SOUND LIKE Paula Deen and she is really into food ("The only thing I don't like is boiled okra."), but Marcia S. Harris, president of the Restaurant Association of Maryland, doesn't have a TV show. However, she does like watching television -- including MTV -- and she admires Deen. "I love her exuberance for food, her lack of fear for food. Growing up in the south [Memphis, Tenn.] as I did, her kind of cooking is very appealing to me. There's nothing that butter hasn't made better." Harris, 66, has been with the restaurant group for 21 years and seen its membership grow from 198 to more than 3,000 members. She is thrilled about the city's second Restaurant Week, which begins tomorrow. "Baltimore is on the cusp of a gustatory golden era," she says. "So dine out and get a deal." Where will Harris, who lives with her husband in Columbia, be dining? She wouldn't tell. After all, "my daughter got married in Negril, Jamaica, [because] I could not figure out how I could pick one caterer without ticking off many more."



A full family frontal assault on Deep Creek Lake

"I rented a house that sleeps 22 people. ... I have been married for 49 years to the same guy. Got married right out of high school. Had four kids by my 22nd birthday."



TiVo upgrade

"Whatever is the next step up for TiVo -- that's what I want. I have gotten hooked on Henry VIII - a young Henry VIII - on Showtime. ... The costumes and settings are delicious. And the story is intriguing and political."


Use of a huge yacht

"I don't want the bother or the expense of a huge boat. But I want a friend with a big yacht who's very generous with it."


Amy Winehouse CD


"I saw her on MTV and I have got to get her CD. That "Rehab" song just keeps going through my head."


Gift certificate for my favorite restaurant

"I can't say what it is. We have a wonderful gift certificate that's redeemable at any one of 700 restaurants in the state. That way, you don't have to know what their favorite restaurant is."