Parents' Guide

The Simpsons Movie

Rating -- PG-13


What it's about -- Homer helps turn Lake Springfield into a toxic disaster, and the government seals all of Springfield under a dome to prevent further contamination.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- It's The Simpsons, man.


Good lessons/bad lessons -- Not "thinking about things" has consequences. And "cocoa is for wusses."

Violence -- Lots and lots. Cartoonish, though.

Language -- An "h" word, an "a" or two and a blessed "GD."

Sex -- Well, Bart almost goes full-frontal, for a moment.

Drugs -- Barflies flock to Moe's. And Eski-Moe's.

Parents' advisory -- If your kids are old enough to be subject to the rude tone of the TV show, they'll be right at home with this one.

No Reservations

Rating -- PG


What it's about -- A great cook with no people skills has to cope with a picky-eater little girl and a pushy-friendly fellow chef, both tossed into her life.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Abigail Breslin is a cute kid in a much cleaner movie than Little Miss Sunshine.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- It's OK to let people into your heart. And even kids who won't eat will eat spaghetti.

Violence -- Dead fish, cooked with extreme prejudice.

Language -- Not particularly rough.

Sex -- A morning-after breakfast and a little smooching.


Drugs -- Chefs love their wine.

Parents' advisory -- It's family appropriate, but only if your kids are really into the Food Network.

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