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Downloaded singles

1.Sorry, Blame It on Me, Akon

2.The Way I Are, Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson and D.O.E.

3.Umbrella, Rihanna featuring Jay-Z

4.Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal), Fergie

5.Hey There Delilah, Plain White T's[ITUNES (JULY 23)]

Downloaded albums

1.Coco, Colbie Caillat

2.Hairspray soundtrack, Various artists

3.Paper Walls, Yellowcard

4.Back to Black, Amy Winehouse

5.Little Voice, Sara Bareilles[ITUNES (JULY 23)]

Downloaded TV episodes

1.Sixty Five Million Years Off, Psych

2.Try, Try Again, Eureka

3.Sleepwalk This Way, Hannah Montana

4.Achy Jakey Heart, Part 1, Hannah Montana

5.Latin Lunch, Top Chef[ITUNES (JULY 23)]

New video game sales at

1.All Pro Football 2K8, Xbox 360

2.All Pro Football 2K8, PlayStation 3

3.NCAA Football 08, Xbox 360

4.NCAA Football 08, PlayStation 3

5.NCAA Football 08, PlayStation 2

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